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Political Scenario

This region was the karmbhumi of BABA RAM CHANDRA, PANDIT MOTILAL, JAWAHAR LAL, RAFI AHMED KIDWAI, DR. RAM MANOHAR LOHIYA, FEROZ GANDHI, SMT. INDIRA GANDHI, RAJEEV GANDHI & RAJ NARAYAN. Political history of 20th century of Raebareli can be divided into two parts pre & post freedom Struggle.

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Rana Beni Madhav

Immortal hero of first freedom struggle, Rana Beni Madhav Singh was from this region. Who is still remembered by the habitants of Raebareli in the form of District Hospital which is named after him.KISSAN ANDOLAN of 1920-21 is written in the Golden letters in the history of INDIAN NATIONAL MOVEMENT.Baba Ram Chandra came Raebareli in October 1920 and established Kisan Sabha in Rasoolpur(Salon) and Arkha(Unchahar). In NON COOPERATION MOVEMENT of 1930 Raebareli was the first in U.P. to give a lead to NAMAK SATYAGRAGH.

Post Independence Political development of the district can also be divided in two parts.

  1. 1947 to 1966
  2. 1967 onwards

During 1947 to 1966, Raebareli was insignificant on the political map of India. Feroz Gandhi was the first Member of Parliament from 1952 to 1960. He was the son-in-law of Sri Jawahar Lal Nehru, but he never used this relation for political gains.


From the time of Feroz Gandhi and till 1966 local leaders like Guftar Singh, Dalbahadur Singh, Ram Shanker Dwivedi, Ram Shanker Tripathi, Munshi Chandrika Prasad, Vasi Naqvi, Baijnath Kureel etc. were prominent. In the first General Elections of 1952 all the 8 assembly seats were won by Congress.


1967 ONWARDS -

This unknown district RAEBARELI came into limelight when in 1967 Smt. Indira Gandhi selected it as her constituency, when in 1977 the ruling Prime Minister Smt. Indira Gandhi was defeated by the Janta Party Leader Sri Raj narain, and again in 1984 when Prime Minister Sri Rajiv Gandhi was elected from Amethi, This proved the political Dominance of Raebareli.

During these 27 years(1967 - 1994), District Raebareli has given two Prime Ministers to the nation.

Since the British reign, many Taluqdars (Rai Bahadur) have been belonged from here. They have exploited the common people. Due to the result of which the district was listed among the backward districts. Till today the grass root politics of Raebareli has not been liberated from the hands of exploitation.

Since Independence till today, only two times non congress candidate had been elected for Lok Sabha from here (In 1977 by Sri Raj Narain, Janta Party and in 1994 by Sri Ashok Singh of B.J.P.). Rest the seat has been won by the Congress.

Since 1967, when Smt. Indira Gandhi selected Raebareli as her constituency, Congress has the hold here. During 1952 to 1966, the effect of Opposition Parties like Socialist Party and Bhartiya Jansangh was very much, but after the victory of Smt. Indira Gandhi, the opposition parties have been totally under eclipse.

Known as IRON LADY Prime Minister, she paid attention towards the overall development of Raebareli. During her regime
Indian Telephone Industries, Raebareli Textile Mill, State Spinning Mill, Modi Carpet Factory and a dozen other industries were setup. Cent percent electrification of the district was achieved. Total irrigation facilities were provided in the district. Metal and concrete roads were constructed and Higher education facility was also provided. She was the symbol of Modern Raebareli. Millions of rupees were spent on the development of the district.

During this period, Raebareli became the nucleus of the Congress and Indian Politics. Once in 1976 the cabinet meeting was held in Raebareli instead of state capital. District Raebareli became the pilgrimage of congress workers. In spite of Mrs. Gandhi's statement, all the congress workers had a desire to come to this pilgrimage before every elections. During this period Raebareli got bumper publicity in the national and International press.

Due to the busy political schedule, she deputed Mr. Yashpal Kapoor as her political agent to look after the welfare of Raebareli and whole of the work was looked after by the Public Relation Office of Congress. During this period local leaders became insignificant and the leaders, not belonging to Raebareli, but nominated by the Congress high command dominated the district, and this got much bounce when Sri Sanjay Gandhi came in active politics in 1976.

Being the constituency of the Prime Minister, the campaigning was much expensive due to which local and common leaders did not dare to fight the parliamentary elections. Being the Prime Minister, she contested from Raebareli in 1967, 1971 and in 1977 and being a member of opposition party she contested in 1980. In 1977 she was defeated by Sri Raj Narain of Janta Party as after Emergency, there was a "JANTA LEHAR" all around the nation. In 1980 she contested from MEDAK (Andhra Pradesh) also, and after winning from both the places she left the Raebareli seat, from where Sri Arun Nehru of Congress was elected in the by-elections. But still she had love and adoration for Raebareli throughout her life.  


The Parliamentary constituency "AMETHI" , was represented by Congress accept in 1977 (When Ravindra Pratap Singh of Bhatiya Jansangh won) and in 1991 (Sri Sanjai Singh of B.J.P. won). After the assasination of Smt. Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi was elected as the leader of congress and then as Prime Minister he selected AMETHI as his constituency and was elected from Amethi in 1984 and 1989. During this period, Heavy industries like "INDO GULF FERTILISERS, BHEL, VESPA CAR COMPANY, NATIONAL DAIRY FARM AND INDIRA GANDHI RASHTRIYA URAN AKADEMI" were established in Raebareli District.

After the assasination of Sri Rajiv Gandhi in 1991, This seat was represented by Capt. Satish Sharma of congress in 1991 and Sri Sanjai Singh of BJP in 1994. But in the elections of 1999, Smt. Sonia Gandhi has selected Amethi as her constituency and was elected for Lok Sabha with a record margin.     New

Member of Parliament - 2014

Smt. Sonia Gandhi has been elected as MP of Raebareli in 2004, 2009 and 2014 Lok Sabha general election.


Member of Legislative Assembly - 2017

Sr. No.


 Name Of Assembly Constituency



Shri. Ram Naresh Rawat (M.L.A.)  Bachhrawan  Bharatiya Janta Party


Shri. Rakesh Singh (M.L.A.)  Harchandpur  Indian National Congress


Km. Aditi Singh (M.L.A.)  Raebareli  Indian National Congress


Shri. Dal Bahadur (M.L.A.)  Salon  Bharatiya Janta Party


Shri. Dhirendra Bahadur Singh (M.L.A.)  Sareni  Bharatiya Janta Party


Shri. Manoj Kumar Pandey (M.L.A.)  Unchahar  Samajwadi Party


Shri. Dinesh Pratap Singh (M.L.C.)  Raebareli  


Smt. Kanti Singh (M.L.C.)  Graduate Constituency  
       9. Shri. Umesh Kumar Diwedi (M.L.C.)  Teacher Constituency  


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